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TradWiki is an online encyclopedia (wiki) founded in March 2021, which focuses on traditionalism, history, philosophy, politics and current affairs. We will not allow modernism to fabricate a reality contrary to what is tried and true nor allow fake news journalists to censor what they deem "unreliable sources."

  • TradWiki covers a range of topics deemed "too controversial" by mainstream wikis.
  • TradWiki recognizes the validity of the metaphysical and hence will not be confined to a viewpoint of secular modernity.

Mission Statement[edit | edit source]

Freedom to express "controversial" opinions is the bedrock of civil discourse and societal cohesion. Secular modernity has destroyed and obfuscated certain concepts in the name of fighting "oppression" and "backwards" beliefs." They have, for the most part, almost succeeded.

Modernist sociologists have vigorously attempted to stifle speech and to attack dissidents by manufacturing terms such as "racist", "alt-right", "conspiracy theorist", "anti-Semite" and "cultist." These terms are used to immediately invalidate their opponents without responding to arguments put forth.

The same modernists have manufactured controlled opposition that on the surface, pertains to traditionalist ideals, but fundamentally harbors an end goal of infiltrating and destroying what's left of their enemies.

Despite facing persecution and censorship, traditionalism is alive and well in the hearts of millions of people globally. Traditionalism is rising globally as more and more people see through the vile lies with which the modernists who rules over us have blinded us with.

We are glad to be a part of this amazing movement, make yourself at home, we're happy to have you here.